Requesting Corrections

How to submit corrections to the Anthology

November 11, 2021

Types of corrections

The staff of the ACL Anthology can process requests for many types of corrections. We generally distinguish five types, loosely following the ACM Publications Policy:

Please take note of the following points regarding revisions and retractions.

Correcting Metadata

A request to change paper metadata (that does not require any PDF changes) can be submitted in several ways.

The Anthology team will attend to the correction as we find time. Metadata changes are generally accepted if they are consistent with the PDF, which we take as authoritative. However, please see the note below about author changes.

Revisions and errata

For requests to change paper content (either a revision or an erratum), again, please file a Github issue. Please note the following:

For revisions, the brief summary should allow readers to find the changed parts, but need not be too detailed. Here are some good examples:

Following these instructions will help us to process corrections more quickly. We will do our best to process revisions or errata within four weeks, but make no guarantees as to the processing time. Submissions not meeting these standards will be rejected, potentially without notice.

A revision that changes the author list needs permission (see below).


To initiate a retraction, please communicate directly with the Anthology director. Retractions often involve the organizing editors or chairs of the respective journal or conference.

Retractions result in the following changes in the Anthology:


Removals are rare events that are undertaken only in the most serious of situations, such as plagiarism or fraud. A paper can be removed at the request of the scientific organization with jurisdiction over the paper. For most papers within the Anthology, this is the ACL, but any organization with publications in the Anthology (e.g., AMTA, LREC) can also request the removal of a paper. The Anthology staff does not adjudicate removal decisions.

A removal will result in the following changes to the Anthology:

Note on author changes

ACL conferences and workshops have a recent policy of disallowing authorship changes after the initial submission. Because it is beyond our ability to know which venues have this policy, we require that changes to the list of authors, whether in the PDF or in the metadata, receive permission from the associated conference program chair or workshop/tutorial chair. You are responsible for arranging for this permission to be conveyed to us, either via email or on your Github issue. Permission is not required for the correction of obvious spelling errors or other typos or for changes to an author’s name.