Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (Volume 2: User Track)

Janice Campbell, Dmitriy Genzel, Ben Huyck, Patricia O’Neill-Brown (Editors)

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Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
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Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (Volume 2: User Track)
Janice Campbell | Dmitriy Genzel | Ben Huyck | Patricia O’Neill-Brown

Operationalizing MT Quality Estimation
Miklos Urban | Maribel Rodríguez Molina

In search of an acceptability/unacceptability threshold in machine translation post-editing automated metrics
Lucía Guerrero

A Survey of Qualitative Error Analysis for Neural Machine Translation Systems
Denise Díaz | James Cross | Vishrav Chaudhary | Ahmed Kishky | Philipp Koehn

COMET - Deploying a New State-of-the-art MT Evaluation Metric in Production
Craig Stewart | Ricardo Rei | Catarina Farinha | Alon Lavie

Scaling up automatic translation for software: reduction of post-editing volume with well-defined customer impact
Dag Schmidtke

Auto MT Quality Prediction Solution and Best Practice
Martin Lei Xiao | York Jin

A language comparison of Human Evaluation and Quality Estimation
Silvio Picinini | Adam Bittlingmayer

Machine Translation quality across demographic dialectal variation in Social Media.
Adithya Renduchintala | Dmitriy Genzel

Making the business case for adopting MT
Rodrigo Cristina

Flexible Customization of a Single Neural Machine Translation System with Multi-dimensional Metadata Inputs
Evgeny Matusov | Patrick Wilken | Christian Herold

Customized Neural Machine Translation Systems for the Swiss Legal Domain
Rubén Martínez-Domínguez | Matīss Rikters | Artūrs Vasiļevskis | Mārcis Pinnis | Paula Reichenberg

Machine Translation Hype, Crash-Tested by Translation Students
Jon Ritzdorf

Use MT to Simplify and Speed Up Your Alignment for TM Creation
Judith Klein

Selection of MT Systems in Translation Workflows
Aleš Tamchyna

Beyond MT: Opening Doors for an NLP Pipeline
Alex Yanishevsky

Building Multi-Purpose MT Portfolio
Konstantin Savenkov

Simultaneous Speech Translation in Google Translate
Jeff Pitman

Understanding Challenges to Enterprise Machine Translation Adoption
Bart Maczynski

Lexically Constrained Decoding for Sequence Generation
Tony O’Dowd

Building Salesforce Neural Machine Translation System
Kazuma Hashimoto | Raffaella Buschiazzo | Caiming Xiong | Teresa Marxhall

Successful Tech Transfer of MT Research in Government
Kathy Baker

Plugging into Trados: Augmenting Translation in the Enclave
Corey Miller | Chiara Higgins | Paige Havens | Steven Van Guilder | Rodney Morris | Danielle Silverman

PEMT for the Public Sector: Discovery, Scoping, and Delivery
Konstantine Boukhvalov | Eileen Block

Shareable TTS Components
Steve LaRocca

A Tale of Eight Countries or the EU Council Presidency Translator in Retrospect
Mārcis Pinnis | Toms Bergmanis | Kristīne Metuzāle | Valters Šics | Artūrs Vasiļevskis | Andrejs Vasiļjevs

American Sign Language (ASL) to English Machine Translation
Patricia O’Neill-Brown

Why is it so Hard to Develop Comparable Translation Evaluations and How Can Standards Help?
Jennifer DeCamp

Using Contemporary US Government Data to Train Custom MT for COVID-19
Achim Ruopp