Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Additional Papers

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October 21-25
Waikiki, USA
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
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Can MT really help the Department of Defense?
Nicholas Bemish

The DoD already makes extensive use of machine translation and language support tools in a many environments to address a variety of communications, training, and intelligence challenges, and has done so for over 30 years. Mr. Bemish draws on his personal experience deploying MT, as well as his broad exposure to how translation technology is used in the branches of service and in military intelligence, to describe current uses of translation technology across a range of organizations within the DoD. He also addresses the technical issues that slow deployment and the cultural challenges involved in setting expectations and introducing technology that changes the way people work.

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Language Technology Resource Center
Jennifer DeCamp

This paper describes the Language Technology Resource Center (LTRC), a U.S. Government website for providing information and tools for users of languages (e.g., translators, analysts, etc.) The LTRC provides information on a broad range of products and tools, and provides a means for product developers and researchers to provide the U.S. Government and the public with information about their work. The LTRC is part of the Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) program, which provides support to Government and professional organizations regarding language tools.