Proceedings of the Third Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: System Descriptions

David Farwell, Laurie Gerber, Eduard Hovy (Editors)

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October 28-31
Langhorne, PA, USA
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System description/demo of Alis Translation Solutions: overview
Nathalie Côté

Part software, part process, Alis Translation Solutions (ATS) address the language barrier by tightly integrating a variety of language tools and services which include machine and human translation, on-line dictionaries, search engines, workflow and management tools. During the AMTA-98 conference, Alis Technologies is demonstrating various applications of ATS: Web and Intranet Publishing, Web Browsing, Company Document Circulation, E-mail Communication and Multilingual Site Search.

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System demonstration: SYSTRAN Enterprise
Christian Raby

SYSTRAN® Enterprise responds to the demands of today’s fast paced international business environment and is tailored for use on an intranet, extranet or LAN.

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Integrating tools with the translation process
Edith R. Westfall

Translation tools can be integrated with the translation process with the goal and result of increasing consistency, reusing previous translations, and decreasing the amount of time needed to put a product on the market. This system demonstration will follow a document through the translation cycle utilizing a combination of TRADOS Translator’s Workbench 2.0 (translation memory), machine translation, and human translation.

Bärbel Ripplinger

The objective of the emis project is the conception and realization of a web-based multilingual information system on European media law with the following functionalities: search by words, a combination of words, phrases or keywords; guided search by using a so-called thematic structure; cross language retrieval of documents in different languages with one monolingual query by using language processing and MT technology; exploitation of additional information for the retrieved documents, which is stored in a database; structured representation of the document archive, the so-called dogmatic structure; multilingual user interface.

An open transfer translation
Jorge Kinoshita

We are developing an English-Portuguese Transfer Machine. The transfer machine operates in three phases: the analysis phase is done according to a dependency grammar, the transfer phase is done according to a transfer dictionary and the generation phase conjugates the Portuguese words. The user interface is done through the web. Our system is “open” because the user can view intermediate structures generated by the system and change the database system in order to correct the text during the revision process.

TransEasy: A Chinese-English machine translation system based on hybrid approach
Qun Liu | Shiwen Yu

This paper describes the progress of a machine translation system from Chinese to English. The system is based on a reusable platform of MT software components. It’s a rule-based system, and some statistical algorithms are used as heuristic functions in parsing as well. There are about 50,000 Chinese words and 400 global parsing rules in the system. The system got a good result in a public test of MT system in China in Mar. 1998. It is a research vehicle up to now.

Sakhr Arabic-English computer-aided translation system
Achraf Chalabi

Automation of the whole translation process using computers and machine translation systems did not fulfill,so far, the ever-growing needs for translation. On the other hand, Computer-aided translation systems have tackled the translation process by first concentrating on those mechanical tasks performed during the translation, then by gradually automating those intellingent (creative) tasks.This has resulted in useful systems that both increase translator’s productivity and guarantee better cinsistency across translation jobs.This paper describes Sakhr Cat system which has been specifically designed to support document, web page translation and software localisation for the Arabic-English language pair.

System description/demo of Alis Translation Solutions application: multilingual search and query expansion
Nathalie Côté

Alis Technologies partnered with Verity to develop a new multilingual search and retrieval technology. This tool enables the translation of search queries into multiple languages, and allows the search results to be translated back into the language of the query. This important component of the Alis Translation Solutions, a family of products and services designed to provide the highly tailored and integrated translation solutions that large corporations require, will be demonstrated at AMTA-98.

Logos8 system description
Brigitte Orliac

The globalization of the information exchange made possible by the Internet and the World Wide Web has led to an increasing demand for translation and other language-enabled tools and services. Developers of Machine Translation (MT) systems are best positioned to address the international community ever growing need for information processing technologies. Today Logos offers its MT technology in a relational model on NT and Unix servers with net-centric Java clients. The new model realized in Logos8 is also preparing the system for use on the Internet as an information-gathering utility. This paper describes the new Logos8 system and presents the product developments made possible by the new system.