Proceedings of the first Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation of Natural Languages

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August 14-16
Hamilton, NY
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A MUl View of the <C,A>, T Framework in EUROTRA
Doug Arnold | Lieven Jaspaert | Rod Johnson | Steven Krauwer | Mike Rosner | Louis des Tombe | Nino Varile | Susan Warwick

On the Production Environment Proposed for the EUROTRA Project
D. Bachut

A Case Study in Software Evolution: from Ariane-78.4 to Ariane-85
Christian Boitet | P. Guillaume | M. Quezel-Ambrunaz

New Approaches to Machine Translation
Jaime G. Carbonell | Masaru Tomita

Lexicon-Driven Machine Translation
Richard E. Cullingford | B.A. Onyshkevych

On the Design of Expert Systems Grafted on MT Systems
R. Gerber | Christian Boitet

Machine Translation in SDCG Formalism
Xiuming Huang

Machine Translation as an Expert Task
Roderick L. Johnson | Peter Whitelock

Structural Correspondences and Lexical-Functional Grammar
Ronald M. Kaplan

The Significance of Sublanguage for Automatic Translation
Richard I. Kittredge

Integrating Syntax and Semantics
Steven L. Lytinen

LMT: a Prolog-Based Machine Translation System
Michael McCord

Recovering the Speaker’s Decisions during Mechanical Translation
David D. McDonald

Structural Transformation in the Generation Stage of the MU Japanese to English Machine Translation System
Makoto Nagao

Interlingua Design for translator
Sergei Nirenburg | Victor Raskin | Allen B. Tucker

The Level Hypothesis in Discourse Analysis
James Pustejovsky

Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
Victor Raskin

A Preliminary Linguistic Framework for EUROTRA, June 1985
Louis des Tombe | Doug Arnold | Lieven Jaspaert | Rod Johnson | Steven Krauwer | Mike Rosner | Nino Varile | Susan Warwick

Feasibility Study of Personal/Interactive Machine Translation Systems
Masaru Tomita

Static Grammars: A Formalism for the Description of Linguistic Models
Bernard Vauquois | Sylviane Chappuy

On the Debugging Environment Proposed for eurotra
Nelson Verastegui

Knowledge Resource Tools for Accessing Large Text Files
Donald E. Walker

Reflections on the Knowledge Needed to Process Ill-Formed Language
Ralph M. Weischedel

Characteristics of the metal Machine Translation System at Production Stage
John S. White

Relevance, Points of View and Dialogue Modelling
Yorick Wilks