Yeoun Yi


Generating Slogans with Linguistic Features using Sequence-to-Sequence Transformer
Yeoun Yi | Hyopil Shin
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON)

Previous work generating slogans depended on templates or summaries of company descriptions, making it difficult to generate slogans with linguistic features. We present LexPOS, a sequence-to-sequence transformer model that generates slogans given phonetic and structural information. Our model searches for phonetically similar words given user keywords. Both the sound-alike words and user keywords become lexical constraints for generation. For structural repetition, we use POS constraints. Users can specify any repeated phrase structure by POS tags. Our model-generated slogans are more relevant to the original slogans than those of baseline models. They also show phonetic and structural repetition during inference, representative features of memorable slogans.