Yang Liu

Wilfrid Laurier University

Other people with similar names: Yang Janet Liu (Georgetown University; 刘洋), Yang Liu (May refer to several people), Yang Liu (3M Health Information Systems), Yang Liu (University of Helsinki), Yang Liu (National University of Defense Technology), Yang Liu (Edinburgh), Yang Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)), Yang Liu (刘扬; Ph.D Purdue; ICSI, Dallas, Facebook, Liulishuo, Amazon), Yang Liu (刘洋; ICT, Tsinghua, Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence), Yang Liu (Microsoft Cognitive Services Research), Yang Liu (Peking University), Yang Liu (Samsung Research Center Beijing), Yang Liu (Univ. of Michigan, UC Santa Cruz)


Rethinking Data Augmentation in Text-to-text Paradigm
Yanan Chen | Yang Liu
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

As manually labelling data can be costly, some recent studies tend to augment the training data for improving the generalization power of machine learning models, known as data augmentation (DA). With the arise of pre-trained language models (PLMs), some recent works on DA try to synthesize new samples benefiting from the knowledge learned from PLM’s pre-training. Along the same direction, we in this paper propose to integrate text-to-text language models and construct a new two-phase framework for augmentation: 1) a fine-tuning phase where PLMs are well adapted to downstream classification with the help of two novel schemes, and 2) a generation phase where the fine-tuned models are leveraged to create new samples for performance lifting. This paradigm opens up a new way of designing fine-tuning scheme to better serve DA in an easy-to-implement manner, and can be easily extended to other desired tasks. We evaluate our proposal on two public classification datasets and demonstrate its effectiveness with remarkable gains.