Xiaowen Sun


Building a Bridge: A Method for Image-Text Sarcasm Detection Without Pretraining on Image-Text Data
Xinyu Wang | Xiaowen Sun | Tan Yang | Hongbo Wang
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Natural Language Processing Beyond Text

Sarcasm detection in social media with text and image is becoming more challenging. Previous works of image-text sarcasm detection were mainly to fuse the summaries of text and image: different sub-models read the text and image respectively to get the summaries, and fuses the summaries. Recently, some multi-modal models based on the architecture of BERT are proposed such as ViLBERT. However, they can only be pretrained on the image-text data. In this paper, we propose an image-text model for sarcasm detection using the pretrained BERT and ResNet without any further pretraining. BERT and ResNet have been pretrained on much larger text or image data than image-text data. We connect the vector spaces of BERT and ResNet to utilize more data. We use the pretrained Multi-Head Attention of BERT to model the text and image. Besides, we propose a 2D-Intra-Attention to extract the relationships between words and images. In experiments, our model outperforms the state-of-the-art model.