Welf Walter


Wizard-of-Oz Data Collection for Perception and Interaction in Multi-User Environments
Petra-Maria Strauß | Holger Hoffman | Wolfgang Minker | Heiko Neumann | Günther Palm | Stefan Scherer | Friedhelm Schwenker | Harald Traue | Welf Walter | Ulrich Weidenbacher
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’06)

In this paper we present the setup of an extensive Wizard-of-Oz environment used for the data collection and the development of a dialogue system. The envisioned Perception and Interaction Assistant will act as an independent dialogue partner. Passively observing the dialogue between the two human users with respect to a limited domain, the system should take the initiative and get meaningfully involved in the communication process when required by the conversational situation. The data collection described here involves audio and video data. We aim at building a rich multi-media data corpus to be used as a basis for our research which includes, inter alia, speech and gaze direction recognition, dialogue modelling and proactivity of the system. We further aspire to obtain data with emotional content to perfom research on emotion recognition, psychopysiological and usability analysis.