Van Chi Nam


A hybrid approach to word order transfer in the English-to-Vietnamese machine translation
Dinh Dien | Nguyen Luu Thuy Ngan | Do Xuan Quang | Van Chi Nam
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit IX: Papers

Word Order transfer is a compulsory stage and has a great effect on the translation result of a transfer-based machine translation system. To solve this problem, we can use fixed rules (rule-based) or stochastic methods (corpus-based) which extract word order transfer rules between two languages. However, each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, we present a hybrid approach based on fixed rules and Transformation-Based Learning (or TBL) method. Our purpose is to transfer automatically the English word orders into the Vietnamese ones. The learning process will be trained on the annotated bilingual corpus (named EVC: English-Vietnamese Corpus) that has been automatically word-aligned, phrase-aligned and POS-tagged. This transfer result is being used for the transfer module in the English-Vietnamese transfer-based machine translation system.