Tu Mei


LUL’s WMT22 Automatic Post-Editing Shared Task Submission
Xiaoying Huang | Xingrui Lou | Fan Zhang | Tu Mei
Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Machine Translation (WMT)

By learning the human post-edits, the automatic post-editing (APE) models are often used to modify the output of the machine translation (MT) system to make it as close as possible to human translation. We introduce the system used in our submission of WMT’22 Automatic Post-Editing (APE) English-Marathi (En-Mr) shared task. In this task, we first train the MT system of En-Mr to generate additional machine-translation sentences. Then we use the additional triple to bulid our APE model and use APE dataset to further fine-tuning. Inspired by the mixture of experts (MoE), we use GMM algorithm to roughly divide the text of APE dataset into three categories. After that, the experts are added to the APE model and different domain data are sent to different experts. Finally, we ensemble the models to get better performance. Our APE system significantly improves the translations of provided MT results by -2.848 and +3.74 on the development dataset in terms of TER and BLEU, respectively. Finally, the TER and BLEU scores are improved by -1.22 and +2.41 respectively on the blind test set.