Tom Reutter


High quality machine translation using a machine-learned sentence realization component
Martine Smets | Michael Gamon | Jessie Pinkham | Tom Reutter | Martine Pettenaro
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit IX: Papers

We describe the implementation of two new language pairs (English-French and English-German) which use machine-learned sentence realization components instead of hand-written generation components. The resulting systems are evaluated by human evaluators, and in the technical domain, are equal to the quality of highly respected commercial systems. We comment on the difficulties that are encountered when using machine-learned sentence realization in the context of MT.


Automatic Collection and Analysis of GermanCompounds
John Goldsmith | Tom Reutter
The Computational Treatment of Nominals


Practical Experience with Grammar Sharing in Multilingual NLP
Michael Gamon | Carmen Lozano | Jessie Pinkham | Tom Reutter
From Research to Commercial Applications: Making NLP Work in Practice