Tokunaga Takenobu


TITCH: attribute selection based on discrimination power and frequency
Philipp Spanger | Kurosawa Takahiro | Tokunaga Takenobu
Proceedings of the Workshop on Using corpora for natural language generation


Integration of Morphological and Syntactic Analysis Based on LR Parsing Algorithm
Tanaka Hozumi | Tokunaga Takenobu | Aizawa Michio
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Parsing Technologies

Morphological analysis of Japanese is very different from that of English, because no spaces are placed between words. The analysis includes segmentation of words. However, ambiguities in segmentation is not always resolved only with morphological information. This paper proposes a method to integrate the morphological and syntactic analysis based on LR parsing algorithm. An LR table derived from grammar rules is modified on the basis of connectabilities between two adjacent words. The modified LR table reflects both the morphological and syntactic constraints. Using the LR table, efficient morphological and syntactic analysis is available.