Thomas Eigner


Identifying the Epistemic Value of Discourse Segments in Biology Texts (project abstract)
Anita de Waard | Paul Buitelaar | Thomas Eigner
Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on Computational Semantics


Ontology Search with the OntoSelect Ontology Library
Paul Buitelaar | Thomas Eigner
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

OntoSelect is a dynamic web-based ontology library that harvests, analyzes and organizes ontologies published on the Semantic Web. OntoSelect allows searching as well as browsing of ontologies according to size (number of classes, properties), representation format (DAML, RDFS, OWL), connectedness (score over the number of included and referring ontologies) and human languages used for class- and object property-labels. Ontology search in OntoSelect is based on a combined measure of coverage, structure and connectedness. Further, and in contrast to other ontology search engines, OntoSelect provides ontology search based on a complete web document instead of one or more keywords only.


Generating and Visualizing a Soccer Knowledge Base
Paul Buitelaar | Thomas Eigner | Greg Gul-rajani | Alexander Schutz | Melanie Siegel | Nicolas Weber | Philipp Cimiano | Günter Ladwig | Matthias Mantel | Honggang Zhu