Tamar Lucassen


Writing System and Speaker Metadata for 2,800+ Language Varieties
Daan van Esch | Tamar Lucassen | Sebastian Ruder | Isaac Caswell | Clara Rivera
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We describe an open-source dataset providing metadata for about 2,800 language varieties used in the world today. Specifically, the dataset provides the attested writing system(s) for each of these 2,800+ varieties, as well as an estimated speaker count for each variety. This dataset was developed through internal research and has been used for analyses around language technologies. This is the largest publicly-available, machine-readable resource with writing system and speaker information for the world’s languages. We analyze the distribution of languages and writing systems in our data and compare it to their representation in current NLP. We hope the availability of this data will catalyze research in under-represented languages.