Tadashi Kumano


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Japanese news simplification: tak design, data set construction, and analysis of simplified text
Isao Goto | Hideki Tanaka | Tadashi Kumano
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The “News Web Easy” news service as a resource for teaching and learning Japanese: An assessment of the comprehension difficulty of Japanese sentence-end expressions
Hideki Tanaka | Tadashi Kumano | Isao Goto
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Syntax-Driven Sentence Revision for Broadcast News Summarization
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Extracting phrasal alignments from comparable corpora by using joint probability SMT model
Tadashi Kumano | Hideki Tanaka | Takenobu Tokunaga
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Analysis and Modeling of Manual Summarization of Japanese Broadcast News
Hideki Tanaka | Tadashi Kumano | Masamichi Nishiwaki | Takayuki Itoh
Companion Volume to the Proceedings of Conference including Posters/Demos and tutorial abstracts


Construction and Analysis of Japanese-English Broadcast News Corpus with Named Entity Tags
Tadashi Kumano | Hideki Kashioka | Hideki Tanaka | Takahiro Fukusima
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A multi-language translation example browser
Isao Goto | Naoto Kato | Noriyoshi Uratani | Terumasa Ehara | Tadashi Kumano | Hideki Tanaka
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit IX: System Presentations

This paper describes a Multi-language Translation Example Browser, a type of translation memory system. The system is able to retrieve translation examples from bilingual news databases, which consist of news transcripts of past broadcasts. We put a Japanese-English system to practical use and undertook trial operations of a system of eight language-pairs.


ATR-SLT System for SENSEVAL-2 Japanese Translation Task
Tadashi Kumano | Hideki Kashioka | Hideki Tanaka
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