Susan McCormick


The Open Lexicon Interchange Format (OLIF) comes of age
Christian Lieske | Susan McCormick | Gregor Thurmair
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

This paper summarizes the current status of version 2 of the Open Lexicon Interchange Format (OLIF). As a natural extension of the OLIF prototype (OLIF version 1), version 2 has been modified with respect to content and formalization (e.g., it is now XML-compliant). These enhancements now make it possible to use OLIF in a variety of Natural Language Processing applications and general language technology environments (e.g., terminology management systems). At the time of writing, several industrial partners of the OLIF Consortium had already started work on implementing OLIF support. Details on OLIF can be found on


Exchanging Lexical and Terminological Data with OLIF2
Susan McCormick
Proceedings of Translating and the Computer 22


A centralized approach to managing multiple lexical resources
Susan McCormick
Proceedings of the 1998 EAMT Workshop: Translation technology: integration in the workflow environment


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Managing Distributed MT Projects Today — A New Challenge
Jennifer A. Brundage | Susan McCormick | Chris Pyne
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VI: Papers

The current trend towards globalization means that even the most modern of industries must constantly re-evaluate its strategies and adapt to new technologies. As a long-time supporter of MT technology, SAP has shown that it can make productive use of competitive, commercial MT products along with other CAT products. In making MT work for them, however, SAP has also had to substantially adapt the products that they received from MT companies. The result, after many years, is a full range of peripheral tools and workflow scenarios that support the use of their MT programs.