Susan Holm


Generating Questions and Multiple-Choice Answers using Semantic Analysis of Texts
Jun Araki | Dheeraj Rajagopal | Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan | Susan Holm | Yukari Yamakawa | Teruko Mitamura
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers

We present a novel approach to automated question generation that improves upon prior work both from a technology perspective and from an assessment perspective. Our system is aimed at engaging language learners by generating multiple-choice questions which utilize specific inference steps over multiple sentences, namely coreference resolution and paraphrase detection. The system also generates correct answers and semantically-motivated phrase-level distractors as answer choices. Evaluation by human annotators indicates that our approach requires a larger number of inference steps, which necessitate deeper semantic understanding of texts than a traditional single-sentence approach.


Event Nugget Annotation: Processes and Issues
Teruko Mitamura | Yukari Yamakawa | Susan Holm | Zhiyi Song | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick | Stephanie Strassel
Proceedings of the The 3rd Workshop on EVENTS: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation


TBI-Doc: Generating Patient & Clinician Reports from Brain Imaging Data
Pamela Jordan | Nancy Green | Chistopher Thomas | Susan Holm
Proceedings of the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference (INLG)