Stephen Lewis


Embedding Technology at the front end of the Human Translation Workflow: An NVTC Vision
Carol van Ess-Dykema | Helen G. Gigley | Stephen Lewis | Emily Vancho Bannister
Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Government and Commercial Uses of MT

This paper describes the strategic vision for a new translation management workflow for the US Government’s National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC). The paper also describes past, current, and planned experiments validating the vision, along with experiment results to-date. The most salient features of the new workflow include the embedding of translation technology at the front end of the workflow (e.g., translation memory technology, specialized lexicons, and machine translation), technology-generated “seed translation”, a new human work role called “paralinguist” to assess the “seed translation” and assign an appropriate translator/post-editor, and new human translation strategies including federated search of online dictionaries and collaborative translation.