Sónia Reis


Support Verb Constructions across the Ocean Sea
Jorge Baptista | Nuno Mamede | Sónia Reis
Proceedings of the 18th Workshop on Multiword Expressions @LREC2022

This paper analyses the support (or light) verb constructions (SVC) in a publicly available, manually annotated corpus of multiword expressions (MWE) in Brazilian Portuguese. The paper highlights several issues in the linguistic definitions therein adopted for these types of MWE, and reports the results from applying STRING, a rule-based parsing system, originally developed for European Portuguese, to this corpus from Brazilian Portuguese. The goal is two-fold: to improve the linguistic definition of SVC in the annotation task, as well as to gauge the major difficulties found when transposing linguistic resources between these two varieties of the same language.


Os Provérbios em manuais de ensino de Português Língua Não Materna (The Proverbs of teaching manuals in Non-Native Portuguese)[In Portuguese]
Sónia Reis | Jorge Baptista
Proceedings of the 11th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology