Sofia Samaniego


Towards Improved Distantly Supervised Multilingual Named-Entity Recognition for Tweets
Ramy Eskander | Shubhanshu Mishra | Sneha Mehta | Sofia Samaniego | Aria Haghighi
Proceedings of the The 2nd Workshop on Multi-lingual Representation Learning (MRL)

Recent low-resource named-entity recognition (NER) work has shown impressive gains by leveraging a single multilingual model trained using distantly supervised data derived from cross-lingual knowledge bases. In this work, we investigate such approaches by leveraging Wikidata to build large-scale NER datasets of Tweets and propose two orthogonal improvements for low-resource NER in the Twitter social media domain: (1) leveraging domain-specific pre-training on Tweets; and (2) building a model for each language family rather than an all-in-one single multilingual model. For (1), we show that mBERT with Tweet pre-training outperforms the state-of-the-art multilingual transformer-based language model, LaBSE, by a relative increase of 34.6% in F1 when evaluated on Twitter data in a language-agnostic multilingual setting. For (2), we show that learning NER models for language families outperforms a single multilingual model by relative increases of 14.1%, 15.8% and 45.3% in F1 when utilizing mBERT, mBERT with Tweet pre-training and LaBSE, respectively. We conduct analyses and present examples for these observed improvements.