Shinwoo Kim


SSP-Based Construction of Evaluation-Annotated Data for Fine-Grained Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
Suwon Choi | Shinwoo Kim | Changhoe Hwang | Gwanghoon Yoo | Eric Laporte | Jeesun Nam
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Pattern-based Approaches to NLP in the Age of Deep Learning

We report the construction of a Korean evaluation-annotated corpus, hereafter called ‘Evaluation Annotated Dataset (EVAD)’, and its use in Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) extended in order to cover e-commerce reviews containing sentiment and non-sentiment linguistic patterns. The annotation process uses Semi-Automatic Symbolic Propagation (SSP). We built extensive linguistic resources formalized as a Finite-State Transducer (FST) to annotate corpora with detailed ABSA components in the fashion e-commerce domain. The ABSA approach is extended, in order to analyze user opinions more accurately and extract more detailed features of targets, by including aspect values in addition to topics and aspects, and by classifying aspect-value pairs depending whether values are unary, binary, or multiple. For evaluation, the KoBERT and KcBERT models are trained on the annotated dataset, showing robust performances of F1 0.88 and F1 0.90, respectively, on recognition of aspect-value pairs.