Shaotong Li


System Description of bjtu_nlp Neural Machine Translation System
Shaotong Li | JinAn Xu | Yufeng Chen | Yujie Zhang
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Asian Translation (WAT2016)

This paper presents our machine translation system that developed for the WAT2016 evalua-tion tasks of ja-en, ja-zh, en-ja, zh-ja, JPCja-en, JPCja-zh, JPCen-ja, JPCzh-ja. We build our system based on encoder–decoder framework by integrating recurrent neural network (RNN) and gate recurrent unit (GRU), and we also adopt an attention mechanism for solving the problem of information loss. Additionally, we propose a simple translation-specific approach to resolve the unknown word translation problem. Experimental results show that our system performs better than the baseline statistical machine translation (SMT) systems in each task. Moreover, it shows that our proposed approach of unknown word translation performs effec-tively improvement of translation results.


Integrating Case Frame into Japanese to Chinese Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Model
Jinan Xu | Jiangming Liu | Yufeng Chen | Yujie Zhang | Fang Ming | Shaotong Li
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Semantics-Driven Statistical Machine Translation (S2MT 2015)