Santiago Góngora

Also published as: Santiago Gongora


Jojajovai: A Parallel Guarani-Spanish Corpus for MT Benchmarking
Luis Chiruzzo | Santiago Góngora | Aldo Alvarez | Gustavo Giménez-Lugo | Marvin Agüero-Torales | Yliana Rodríguez
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This work presents a parallel corpus of Guarani-Spanish text aligned at sentence level. The corpus contains about 30,000 sentence pairs, and is structured as a collection of subsets from different sources, further split into training, development and test sets. A sample of sentences from the test set was manually annotated by native speakers in order to incorporate meta-linguistic annotations about the Guarani dialects present in the corpus and also the correctness of the alignment and translation. We also present some baseline MT experiments and analyze the results in terms of the subsets. We hope this corpus can be used as a benchmark for testing Guarani-Spanish MT systems, and aim to expand and improve the quality of the corpus in future iterations.

Can We Use Word Embeddings for Enhancing Guarani-Spanish Machine Translation?
Santiago Góngora | Nicolás Giossa | Luis Chiruzzo
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages

Machine translation for low-resource languages, such as Guarani, is a challenging task due to the lack of data. One way of tackling it is using pretrained word embeddings for model initialization. In this work we try to check if currently available data is enough to train rich embeddings for enhancing MT for Guarani and Spanish, by building a set of word embedding collections and training MT systems using them. We found that the trained vectors are strong enough to slightly improve the performance of some of the translation models and also to speed up the training convergence.

Using NLP to Support English Teaching in Rural Schools
Luis Chiruzzo | Laura Musto | Santiago Gongora | Brian Carpenter | Juan Filevich | Aiala Rosa
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on NLP for Positive Impact (NLP4PI)

We present a web application for creating games and exercises for teaching English as a foreign language with the help of NLP tools. The application contains different kinds of games such as crosswords, word searches, a memory game, and a multiplayer game based on the classic battleship pen and paper game. This application was built with the aim of supporting teachers in rural schools that are teaching English lessons, so they can easily create interactive and engaging activities for their students. We present the context and history of the project, the current state of the web application, and some ideas on how we will expand it in the future.


Experiments on a Guarani Corpus of News and Social Media
Santiago Góngora | Nicolás Giossa | Luis Chiruzzo
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Indigenous Languages of the Americas

While Guarani is widely spoken in South America, obtaining a large amount of Guarani text from the web is hard. We present the building process of a Guarani corpus composed of a parallel Guarani-Spanish set of news articles, and a monolingual set of tweets. We perform some word embeddings experiments aiming at evaluating the quality of the Guarani split of the corpus, finding encouraging results but noticing that more diversity in text domains might be needed for further improvements.