Sai Abishek Bhaskar


Sieg at MEDIQA 2019: Multi-task Neural Ensemble for Biomedical Inference and Entailment
Sai Abishek Bhaskar | Rashi Rungta | James Route | Eric Nyberg | Teruko Mitamura
Proceedings of the 18th BioNLP Workshop and Shared Task

This paper presents a multi-task learning approach to natural language inference (NLI) and question entailment (RQE) in the biomedical domain. Recognizing textual inference relations and question similarity can address the issue of answering new consumer health questions by mapping them to Frequently Asked Questions on reputed websites like the NIH. We show that leveraging information from parallel tasks across domains along with medical knowledge integration allows our model to learn better biomedical feature representations. Our final models for the NLI and RQE tasks achieve the 4th and 2nd rank on the shared-task leaderboard respectively.


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Exploring Multi-Modal Text+Image Models to Distinguish between Abstract and Concrete Nouns
Sai Abishek Bhaskar | Maximilian Köper | Sabine Schulte Im Walde | Diego Frassinelli
Proceedings of the IWCS workshop on Foundations of Situated and Multimodal Communication