Ru-Yng Chang


AI Clerk Platform : Information Extraction DIY Platform
Ru-Yng Chang | Wen-Lun Chen | Cheng-Ju Kao
Proceedings of the 33rd Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2021)

Information extraction is a core technology of natural language processing, which extracts some meaningful phrases/clauses from unstructured or semistructured content to a particular topic. It can be said to be the core technology of many language technologies and applications. This paper introduces AI Clerk Platform, which aims to accelerate and improve the entire process and convenience of the development of information extraction tools. AI Clerk Platform provides a friendly and intuitive visualized manual labeling interface, sets suitable semantic label in need, and implements, distributes and controls manual labeling tasks, so that users can complete customized information extraction models without programming and view the automatically predict results of models by three method. AI Clerk Platform further assists in the development of other natural language processing technologies and the derivation of application services.


AI Clerk: 會賣東西的機器人 (AI Clerk: Shopping Assistant) [In Chinese]
Ru-Yng Chang | Huan-Yi Pan | Bo-Lin Lin | Wei-Lun Chen | Jia En Hsieh | Wen-Yu Huang | Lu-Hsuan Li
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Propositional Term Extraction over Short Text using Word Cohesiveness and Conditional Random Fields with Multi-Level Features
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中央研究院中英雙語知識本體詞網(Sinica BOW):結合詞網,知識本體,與領域標記的詞彙知識庫 (The Academia Sinica Bilingual Ontological Wordnet) [In Chinese]
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