Rogier Blokland


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A pseudonymisation method for language documentation corpora: An experiment with spoken Komi
Rogier Blokland | Niko Partanen | Michael Rießler
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Computational Linguistics of Uralic Languages


The First Komi-Zyrian Universal Dependencies Treebanks
Niko Partanen | Rogier Blokland | KyungTae Lim | Thierry Poibeau | Michael Rießler
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2018)

Two Komi-Zyrian treebanks were included in the Universal Dependencies 2.2 release. This article contextualizes the treebanks, discusses the process through which they were created, and outlines the future plans and timeline for the next improvements. Special attention is paid to the possibilities of using UD in the documentation and description of endangered languages.