Ricardo de la Rosa


Adapting Descriptions of People to the Point of View of a Moving Observer
Gonzalo Méndez | Raquel Hervás | Pablo Gervás | Ricardo de la Rosa | Daniel Ruiz
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Natural Language Generation

This paper addresses the task of generating descriptions of people for an observer that is moving within a scene. As the observer moves, the descriptions of the people around him also change. A referring expression generation algorithm adapted to this task needs to continuously monitor the changes in the field of view of the observer, his relative position to the people being described, and the relative position of these people to any landmarks around them, and to take these changes into account in the referring expressions generated. This task presents two advantages: many of the mechanisms already available for static contexts may be applied with small adaptations, and it introduces the concept of changing conditions into the task of referring expression generation. In this paper we describe the design of an algorithm that takes these aspects into account in order to create descriptions of people within a 3D virtual environment. The evaluation of this algorithm has shown that, by changing the descriptions in real time according to the observers point of view, they are able to identify the described person quickly and effectively.