Ravikumar Kondadadi

Also published as: Ravi Kondadadi, Ravi Kumar Kondadadi


Data Quality Estimation Framework for Faster Tax Code Classification
Ravi Kondadadi | Allen Williams | Nicolas Nicolov
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP (ECNLP 5)

This paper describes a novel framework to estimate the data quality of a collection of product descriptions to identify required relevant information for accurate product listing classification for tax-code assignment. Our Data Quality Estimation (DQE) framework consists of a Question Answering (QA) based attribute value extraction model to identify missing attributes and a classification model to identify bad quality records. We show that our framework can accurately predict the quality of product descriptions. In addition to identifying low-quality product listings, our framework can also generate a detailed report at a category level showing missing product information resulting in a better customer experience.


Optum at MEDIQA 2021: Abstractive Summarization of Radiology Reports using simple BART Finetuning
Ravi Kondadadi | Sahil Manchanda | Jason Ngo | Ronan McCormack
Proceedings of the 20th Workshop on Biomedical Language Processing

This paper describes experiments undertaken and their results as part of the BioNLP MEDIQA 2021 challenge. We participated in Task 3: Radiology Report Summarization. Multiple runs were submitted for evaluation, from solutions leveraging transfer learning from pre-trained transformer models, which were then fine tuned on a subset of MIMIC-CXR, for abstractive report summarization. The task was evaluated using ROUGE and our best performing system obtained a ROUGE-2 score of 0.392.


Domain Adaptable Semantic Clustering in Statistical NLG
Blake Howald | Ravikumar Kondadadi | Frank Schilder
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013) – Long Papers

GenNext: A Consolidated Domain Adaptable NLG System
Frank Schilder | Blake Howald | Ravi Kondadadi
Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation

A Statistical NLG Framework for Aggregated Planning and Realization
Ravi Kondadadi | Blake Howald | Frank Schilder
Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers)


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Surrogate Learning - From Feature Independence to Semi-Supervised Classification
Sriharsha Veeramachaneni | Ravi Kumar Kondadadi
Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2009 Workshop on Semi-supervised Learning for Natural Language Processing


FastSum: Fast and Accurate Query-based Multi-document Summarization
Frank Schilder | Ravikumar Kondadadi
Proceedings of ACL-08: HLT, Short Papers