Ramona Kühn


GRhOOT: Ontology of Rhetorical Figures in German
Ramona Kühn | Jelena Mitrović | Michael Granitzer
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

GRhOOT, the German RhetOrical OnTology, is a domain ontology of 110 rhetorical figures in the German language. The overall goal of building an ontology of rhetorical figures in German is not only the formal representation of different rhetorical figures, but also allowing for their easier detection, thus improving sentiment analysis, argument mining, detection of hate speech and fake news, machine translation, and many other tasks in which recognition of non-literal language plays an important role. The challenge of building such ontologies lies in classifying the figures and assigning adequate characteristics to group them, while considering their distinctive features. The ontology of rhetorical figures in the Serbian language was used as a basis for our work. Besides transferring and extending the concepts of the Serbian ontology, we ensured completeness and consistency by using description logic and SPARQL queries. Furthermore, we show a decision tree to identify figures and suggest a usage scenario on how the ontology can be utilized to collect and annotate data.