Ramin Yaghoubzadeh


Enabling robust and fluid spoken dialogue with cognitively impaired users
Ramin Yaghoubzadeh | Stefan Kopp
Proceedings of the 18th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

We present the flexdiam dialogue management architecture, which was developed in a series of projects dedicated to tailoring spoken interaction to the needs of users with cognitive impairments in an everyday assistive domain, using a multimodal front-end. This hybrid DM architecture affords incremental processing of uncertain input, a flexible, mixed-initiative information grounding process that can be adapted to users’ cognitive capacities and interactive idiosyncrasies, and generic mechanisms that foster transitions in the joint discourse state that are understandable and controllable by those users, in order to effect a robust interaction for users with varying capacities.


Toward a Virtual Assistant for Vulnerable Users: Designing Careful Interaction
Ramin Yaghoubzadeh | Stefan Kopp
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Speech and Multimodal Interaction in Assistive Environments


Middleware for Incremental Processing in Conversational Agents
David Schlangen | Timo Baumann | Hendrik Buschmeier | Okko Buß | Stefan Kopp | Gabriel Skantze | Ramin Yaghoubzadeh
Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2010 Conference