Pavlína Pešková

Also published as: Pavlina Pešková


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A Rich Annotation Scheme for Mental Events
William Croft | Pavlína Pešková | Michael Regan | Sook-kyung Lee
Proceedings of the Workshop Events and Stories in the News 2018

We present a rich annotation scheme for the structure of mental events. Mental events are those in which the verb describes a mental state or process, usually oriented towards an external situation. While physical events have been described in detail and there are numerous studies of their semantic analysis and annotation, mental events are less thoroughly studied. The annotation scheme proposed here is based on decompositional analyses in the semantic and typological linguistic literature. The scheme was applied to the news corpus from the 2016 Events workshop, and error analysis of the test annotation provides suggestions for refinement and clarification of the annotation scheme.


Integrating Decompositional Event Structures into Storylines
William Croft | Pavlína Pešková | Michael Regan
Proceedings of the Events and Stories in the News Workshop

Storyline research links together events in stories and specifies shared participants in those stories. In these analyses, an atomic event is assumed to be a single clause headed by a single verb. However, many analyses of verbal semantics assume a decompositional analysis of events expressed in single clauses. We present a formalization of a decompositional analysis of events in which each participant in a clausal event has their own temporally extended subevent, and the subevents are related through causal and other interactions. This decomposition allows us to represent storylines as an evolving set of interactions between participants over time.


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Annotation of causal and aspectual structure of events in RED: a preliminary report
William Croft | Pavlina Pešková | Michael Regan
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Events