Oussama Zenkri


DaCToR: A Data Collection Tool for the RELATER Project
Juan Hussain | Oussama Zenkri | Sebastian Stüker | Alex Waibel
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Collecting domain-specific data for under-resourced languages, e.g., dialects of languages, can be very expensive, potentially financially prohibitive and taking long time. Moreover, in the case of rarely written languages, the normalization of non-canonical transcription might be another time consuming but necessary task. In order to collect domain-specific data in such circumstances in a time and cost-efficient way, collecting read data of pre-prepared texts is often a viable option. In order to collect data in the domain of psychiatric diagnosis in Arabic dialects for the project RELATER, we have prepared the data collection tool DaCToR for collecting read texts by speakers in the respective countries and districts in which the dialects are spoken. In this paper we describe our tool, its purpose within the project RELATER and the dialects which we have started to collect with the tool.