Olivier Michalon


Deeper syntax for better semantic parsing
Olivier Michalon | Corentin Ribeyre | Marie Candito | Alexis Nasr
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers

Syntax plays an important role in the task of predicting the semantic structure of a sentence. But syntactic phenomena such as alternations, control and raising tend to obfuscate the relation between syntax and semantics. In this paper we predict the semantic structure of a sentence using a deeper syntax than what is usually done. This deep syntactic representation abstracts away from purely syntactic phenomena and proposes a structural organization of the sentence that is closer to the semantic representation. Experiments conducted on a French corpus annotated with semantic frames showed that a semantic parser reaches better performances with such a deep syntactic input.


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Probabilistic modeling of the syntax semantic interface using probabilistic context free grammars, Experiments with FrameNet (Modélisation probabiliste de l’interface syntaxe sémantique à l’aide de grammaires hors contexte probabilistes Expériences avec FrameNet) [in French]
Olivier Michalon
Proceedings of TALN 2014 (Volume 4: RECITAL - Student Research Workshop)