Olivier Hondermarck


Generating a Resource for Products and Brandnames Recognition. Application to the Cosmetic Domain.
Cédric Lopez | Frédérique Segond | Olivier Hondermarck | Paolo Curtoni | Luca Dini
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

Named Entity Recognition task needs high-quality and large-scale resources. In this paper, we present RENCO, a based-rules system focused on the recognition of entities in the Cosmetic domain (brandnames, product names, …). RENCO has two main objectives: 1) Generating resources for named entity recognition; 2) Mining new named entities relying on the previous generated resources. In order to build lexical resources for the cosmetic domain, we propose a system based on local lexico-syntactic rules complemented by a learning module. As the outcome of the system, we generate both a simple lexicon and a structured lexicon. Results of the evaluation show that even if RENCO outperforms a classic Conditional Random Fields algorithm, both systems should combine their respective strengths.