Nikolaos Sidiropoulos


Placing multi-modal, and multi-lingual Data in the Humanities Domain on the Map: the Mythotopia Geo-tagged Corpus
Voula Giouli | Anna Vacalopoulou | Nikolaos Sidiropoulos | Christina Flouda | Athanasios Doupas | Giorgos Giannopoulos | Nikos Bikakis | Vassilis Kaffes | Gregory Stainhaouer
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

The paper gives an account of an infrastructure that will be integrated into a platform aimed at providing a multi-faceted experience to visitors of Northern Greece using mythology as a starting point. This infrastructure comprises a multi-lingual and multi-modal corpus (i.e., a corpus of textual data supplemented with images, and video) that belongs to the humanities domain along with a dedicated database (content management system) with advanced indexing, linking and search functionalities. We will present the corpus itself focusing on the content, the methodology adopted for its development, and the steps taken towards rendering it accessible via the database in a way that also facilitates useful visualizations. In this context, we tried to address three main challenges: (a) to add a novel annotation layer, namely geotagging, (b) to ensure the long-term maintenance of and accessibility to the highly heterogeneous primary data – even after the life cycle of the current project – by adopting a metadata schema that is compatible to existing standards; and (c) to render the corpus a useful resource to scholarly research in the digital humanities by adding a minimum set of linguistic annotations.