Nehal Bengre


C5L7: A Zero-Shot Algorithm for Intent and Slot Detection in Multilingual Task Oriented Languages
Jiun-hao Jhan | Qingxiaoyang Zhu | Nehal Bengre | Tapas Kanungo
Proceedings of the Massively Multilingual Natural Language Understanding Workshop (MMNLU-22)

Voice assistants are becoming central to our lives. The convenience of using voice assistants to do simple tasks has created an industry for voice-enabled devices like TVs, thermostats, air conditioners, etc. It has also improved the quality of life of elders by making the world more accessible. Voice assistants engage in task-oriented dialogues using machine-learned language understanding models. However, training deep-learned models take a lot of training data, which is time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, it is even more problematic if we want the voice assistant to understand hundreds of languages. In this paper, we present a zero-shot deep learning algorithm that uses only the English part of the Massive dataset and achieves a high level of accuracy across 51 languages. The algorithm uses a delexicalized translation model to generate multilingual data for data augmentation. The training data is further weighted to improve the accuracy of the worst-performing languages. We report on our experiments with code-switching, word order, multilingual ensemble methods, and other techniques and their impact on overall accuracy.