Nancie Gunson


A Visually-Aware Conversational Robot Receptionist
Nancie Gunson | Daniel Hernandez Garcia | Weronika Sieińska | Angus Addlesee | Christian Dondrup | Oliver Lemon | Jose L. Part | Yanchao Yu
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

Socially Assistive Robots (SARs) have the potential to play an increasingly important role in a variety of contexts including healthcare, but most existing systems have very limited interactive capabilities. We will demonstrate a robot receptionist that not only supports task-based and social dialogue via natural spoken conversation but is also capable of visually grounded dialogue; able to perceive and discuss the shared physical environment (e.g. helping users to locate personal belongings or objects of interest). Task-based dialogues include check-in, navigation and FAQs about facilities, alongside social features such as chit-chat, access to the latest news and a quiz game to play while waiting. We also show how visual context (objects and their spatial relations) can be combined with linguistic representations of dialogue context, to support visual dialogue and question answering. We will demonstrate the system on a humanoid ARI robot, which is being deployed in a hospital reception area.


Conversational Agents for Intelligent Buildings
Weronika Sieińska | Christian Dondrup | Nancie Gunson | Oliver Lemon
Proceedings of the 21th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

We will demonstrate a deployed conversational AI system that acts as a host of a smart-building on a university campus. The system combines open-domain social conversation with task-based conversation regarding navigation in the building, live resource updates (e.g. available computers) and events in the building. We are able to demonstrate the system on several platforms: Google Home devices, Android phones, and a Furhat robot.