Mohammad Anani


RDoC Task at BioNLP-OST 2019
Mohammad Anani | Nazmul Kazi | Matthew Kuntz | Indika Kahanda
Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on BioNLP Open Shared Tasks

BioNLP Open Shared Tasks (BioNLP-OST) is an international competition organized to facilitate development and sharing of computational tasks of biomedical text mining and solutions to them. For BioNLP-OST 2019, we introduced a new mental health informatics task called “RDoC Task”, which is composed of two subtasks: information retrieval and sentence extraction through National Institutes of Mental Health’s Research Domain Criteria framework. Five and four teams around the world participated in the two tasks, respectively. According to the performance on the two tasks, we observe that there is room for improvement for text mining on brain research and mental illness.