Michel Oleynik


Unsupervised Abbreviation Detection in Clinical Narratives
Markus Kreuzthaler | Michel Oleynik | Alexander Avian | Stefan Schulz
Proceedings of the Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop (ClinicalNLP)

Clinical narratives in electronic health record systems are a rich resource of patient-based information. They constitute an ongoing challenge for natural language processing, due to their high compactness and abundance of short forms. German medical texts exhibit numerous ad-hoc abbreviations that terminate with a period character. The disambiguation of period characters is therefore an important task for sentence and abbreviation detection. This task is addressed by a combination of co-occurrence information of word types with trailing period characters, a large domain dictionary, and a simple rule engine, thus merging statistical and dictionary-based disambiguation strategies. An F-measure of 0.95 could be reached by using the unsupervised approach presented in this paper. The results are promising for a domain-independent abbreviation detection strategy, because our approach avoids retraining of models or use case specific feature engineering efforts required for supervised machine learning approaches.