Michael Minock

Also published as: Michael J. Minock


Evaluating an Automata Approach to Query Containment
Michael Minock
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing (FSMNLP 2017)

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COVER: Covering the Semantically Tractable Questions
Michael Minock
Proceedings of the Software Demonstrations of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

In semantic parsing, natural language questions map to expressions in a meaning representation language (MRL) over some fixed vocabulary of predicates. To do this reliably, one must guarantee that for a wide class of natural language questions (the so called semantically tractable questions), correct interpretations are always in the mapped set of possibilities. In this demonstration, we introduce the system COVER which significantly clarifies, revises and extends the basic notion of semantic tractability. COVER achieves coverage of 89% while the earlier PRECISE system achieved coverage of 77% on the well known GeoQuery corpus. Like PRECISE, COVER requires only a simple domain lexicon and integrates off-the-shelf syntactic parsers. Beyond PRECISE, COVER also integrates off-the-shelf theorem provers to provide more accurate results. COVER is written in Python and uses the NLTK.


Phrasal Generator for Describing Relational Database Queries
Michael J. Minock
Proceedings of the 9th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG-2003) at EACL 2003