Mariano Gardellini


Virtual Language Observatory: The Portal to the Language Resources and Technology Universe
Dieter Van Uytvanck | Claus Zinn | Daan Broeder | Peter Wittenburg | Mariano Gardellini
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)

Over the years, the field of Language Resources and Technology (LRT) has developed a tremendous amount of resources and tools. However, there is no ready-to-use map that researchers could use to gain a good overview and steadfast orientation when searching for, say corpora or software tools to support their studies. It is rather the case that information is scattered across project- or organisation-specific sites, which makes it hard if not impossible for less-experienced researchers to gather all relevant material. Clearly, the provision of metadata is central to resource and software exploration. However, in the LRT field, metadata comes in many forms, tastes and qualities, and therefore substantial harmonization and curation efforts are required to provide researchers with metadata-based guidance. To address this issue a broad alliance of LRT providers (CLARIN, the Linguist List, DOBES, DELAMAN, DFKI, ELRA) have initiated the Virtual Language Observatory portal to provide a low-barrier, easy-to-follow entry point to language resources and tools; it can be accessed via