Marc Queudot


Cooking Up a Neural-based Model for Recipe Classification
Elham Mohammadi | Nada Naji | Louis Marceau | Marc Queudot | Eric Charton | Leila Kosseim | Marie-Jean Meurs
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

In this paper, we propose a neural-based model to address the first task of the DEFT 2013 shared task, with the main challenge of a highly imbalanced dataset, using state-of-the-art embedding approaches and deep architectures. We report on our experiments on the use of linguistic features, extracted by Charton et. al. (2014), in different neural models utilizing pretrained embeddings. Our results show that all of the models that use linguistic features outperform their counterpart models that only use pretrained embeddings. The best performing model uses pretrained CamemBERT embeddings as input and CNN as the hidden layer, and uses additional linguistic features. Adding the linguistic features to this model improves its performance by 4.5% and 11.4% in terms of micro and macro F1 scores, respectively, leading to state-of-the-art results and an improved classification of the rare classes.


Automatic Triage of Mental Health Online Forum Posts: CLPsych 2016 System Description
Hayda Almeida | Marc Queudot | Marie-Jean Meurs
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology