Louise Corti

Also published as: L. Corti


A CLARIN Transcription Portal for Interview Data
Christoph Draxler | Henk van den Heuvel | Arjan van Hessen | Silvia Calamai | Louise Corti
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

In this paper we present a first version of a transcription portal for audio files based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) in various languages. The portal is implemented in the CLARIN resources research network and intended for use by non-technical scholars. We explain the background and interdisciplinary nature of interview data, the perks and quirks of using ASR for transcribing the audio in a research context, the dos and don’ts for optimal use of the portal, and future developments foreseen. The portal is promoted in a range of workshops, but there are a number of challenges that have to be met. These challenges concern privacy issues, ASR quality, and cost, amongst others.


An Anaphora Resolution-Based Anonymization Module
M. Poesio | M. A. Kabadjov | P. Goux | U. Kruschwitz | E. Bishop | L. Corti
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’06)

Growing privacy and security concerns mean there is an increasing need for data to be anonymized before being publically released. We present a module for anonymizing references implemented as part of the SQUAD tools for specifying and testing non-proprietary means of storing and marking-up data using universal (XML) standards and technologies. The tool is implemented on top of the GUITAR anaphoric resolver.