Leonid Boytsov


Flexible retrieval with NMSLIB and FlexNeuART
Leonid Boytsov | Eric Nyberg
Proceedings of Second Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS)

Our objective is to introduce to the NLP community NMSLIB, describe a new retrieval toolkit FlexNeuART, as well as their integration capabilities. NMSLIB, while being one the fastest k-NN search libraries, is quite generic and supports a variety of distance/similarity functions. Because the library relies on the distance-based structure-agnostic algorithms, it can be further extended by adding new distances. FlexNeuART is a modular, extendible and flexible toolkit for candidate generation in IR and QA applications, which supports mixing of classic and neural ranking signals. FlexNeuART can efficiently retrieve mixed dense and sparse representations (with weights learned from training data), which is achieved by extending NMSLIB. In that, other retrieval systems work with purely sparse representations (e.g., Lucene), purely dense representations (e.g., FAISS and Annoy), or only perform mixing at the re-ranking stage.


Metaphor Detection with Cross-Lingual Model Transfer
Yulia Tsvetkov | Leonid Boytsov | Anatole Gershman | Eric Nyberg | Chris Dyer
Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers)