Leo Obrst


The Rich Event Ontology
Susan Brown | Claire Bonial | Leo Obrst | Martha Palmer
Proceedings of the Events and Stories in the News Workshop

In this paper we describe a new lexical semantic resource, The Rich Event On-tology, which provides an independent conceptual backbone to unify existing semantic role labeling (SRL) schemas and augment them with event-to-event causal and temporal relations. By unifying the FrameNet, VerbNet, Automatic Content Extraction, and Rich Entities, Relations and Events resources, the ontology serves as a shared hub for the disparate annotation schemas and therefore enables the combination of SRL training data into a larger, more diverse corpus. By adding temporal and causal relational information not found in any of the independent resources, the ontology facilitates reasoning on and across documents, revealing relationships between events that come together in temporal and causal chains to build more complex scenarios. We envision the open resource serving as a valuable tool for both moving from the ontology to text to query for event types and scenarios of interest, and for moving from text to the ontology to access interpretations of events using the combined semantic information housed there.


NLP and Industry: Transfer and Reuse of Technologies
Leo Obrst | Krishna Nanda Jha
From Research to Commercial Applications: Making NLP Work in Practice