Kavi Mahesh

Also published as: Kavitha Karimbi Mahesh, Kavitha Mahesh


Using Bilingual Segments in Generating Word-to-word Translations
Kavitha Mahesh | Gabriel Pereira Lopes | Luís Gomes
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation (HyTra6)

We defend that bilingual lexicons automatically extracted from parallel corpora, whose entries have been meanwhile validated by linguists and classified as correct or incorrect, should constitute a specific parallel corpora. And, in this paper, we propose to use word-to-word translations to learn morph-units (comprising of bilingual stems and suffixes) from those bilingual lexicons for two language pairs L1-L2 and L1-L3 to induce a bilingual lexicon for the language pair L2-L3, apart from also learning morph-units for this other language pair. The applicability of bilingual morph-units in L1-L2 and L1-L3 is examined from the perspective of pivot-based lexicon induction for language pair L2-L3 with L1 as bridge. While the lexicon is derived by transitivity, the correspondences are identified based on previously learnt bilingual stems and suffixes rather than surface translation forms. The induced pairs are validated using a binary classifier trained on morphological and similarity-based features using an existing, automatically acquired, manually validated bilingual translation lexicon for language pair L2-L3. In this paper, we discuss the use of English (EN)-French (FR) and English (EN)-Portuguese (PT) lexicon of word-to-word translations in generating word-to-word translations for the language pair FR-PT with EN as pivot language. Generated translations are filtered out first using an SVM-based FR-PT classifier and then are manually validated.

A Computational Analysis of Mahabharata
Debarati Das | Bhaskarjyoti Das | Kavi Mahesh
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Natural Language Processing


Bilingually motivated segmentation and generation of word translations using relatively small translation data sets
Kavitha Karimbi Mahesh | Luís Gomes | José Lopes
Proceedings of the 29th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation: Posters


Lexical Acquisition with WordNet and the Mikrokosmos Ontology
Tom O’Hara | Kavi Mahesh | Sergei Nirenburg
Usage of WordNet in Natural Language Processing Systems


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