Kaixin Wu


Speeding up Transformer Decoding via an Attention Refinement Network
Kaixin Wu | Yue Zhang | Bojie Hu | Tong Zhang
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Despite the revolutionary advances made by Transformer in Neural Machine Translation (NMT), inference efficiency remains an obstacle due to the heavy use of attention operations in auto-regressive decoding. We thereby propose a lightweight attention structure called Attention Refinement Network (ARN) for speeding up Transformer. Specifically, we design a weighted residual network, which reconstructs the attention by reusing the features across layers. To further improve the Transformer efficiency, we merge the self-attention and cross-attention components for parallel computing. Extensive experiments on ten WMT machine translation tasks show that the proposed model yields an average of 1.35x faster (with almost no decrease in BLEU) over the state-of-the-art inference implementation. Results on widely used WMT14 En-De machine translation tasks demonstrate that our model achieves a higher speed-up, giving highly competitive performance compared to AAN and SAN models with fewer parameter numbers.


TenTrans High-Performance Inference Toolkit for WMT2021 Efficiency Task
Kaixin Wu | Bojie Hu | Qi Ju
Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Machine Translation

The paper describes the TenTrans’s submissions to the WMT 2021 Efficiency Shared Task. We explore training a variety of smaller compact transformer models using the teacher-student setup. Our model is trained by our self-developed open-source multilingual training platform TenTrans-Py. We also release an open-source high-performance inference toolkit for transformer models and the code is written in C++ completely. All additional optimizations are built on top of the inference engine including attention caching, kernel fusion, early-stop, and several other optimizations. In our submissions, the fastest system can translate more than 22,000 tokens per second with a single Tesla P4 while maintaining 38.36 BLEU on En-De newstest2019. Our trained models and more details are available in TenTrans-Decoding competition examples.