Judith Belam


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Buying up to falling down
Judith Belam
Workshop on Teaching Translation Technologies and Tools

A course in machine-assisted translation at final-year undergraduate level is the subject of the paper. The course includes a workshop session during which students compile a list of post-editing guidelines to make a text suitable for use in a clearly defined situation, and the paper describes this workshop and considers its place in the course and its future development. Issues of teaching MT to language learners are discussed.


Teaching machine translation evaluation by assessed project work
Judith Belam
Proceedings of the 6th EAMT Workshop: Teaching Machine Translation


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Transferable skills in an MT course
Judith Belam
Workshop on Teaching Machine Translation

The paper describes the process of designing a new MT course for final-year undergraduates. It explains the skills to be acquired as part of the module. The course will include a practical and a theoretical component, and in addition to subject-specific knowledge the course should enable students to gain competence in analysis of language and appreciation of the nature of communication. It is hoped that some of these skills will be transferable from the specific context of MT to wider areas of application. Discrete profiling and evaluation is not envisaged. The paper also defines areas where an MT course can provide opportunities not necessarily offered on conventional translation courses.