Jian Xing


A Token-pair Framework for Information Extraction from Dialog Transcripts in SereTOD Challenge
Chenyue Wang | Xiangxing Kong | Mengzuo Huang | Feng Li | Jian Xing | Weidong Zhang | Wuhe Zou
Proceedings of the Towards Semi-Supervised and Reinforced Task-Oriented Dialog Systems (SereTOD)

This paper describes our solution for Sere- TOD Challenge Track 1: Information extraction from dialog transcripts. We propose a token-pair framework to simultaneously identify entity and value mentions and link them into corresponding triples. As entity mentions are usually coreferent, we adopt a baseline model for coreference resolution. We exploit both annotated transcripts and unsupervised dialogs for training. With model ensemble and post-processing strategies, our system significantly outperforms the baseline solution and ranks first in triple f1 and third in entity f1.